Sushi Gallery – Gluten Free Friendly And So Much More [Vancouver, BC]

There are so many sushi restaurants in the Vancouver area, hundreds maybe. Some are good some not so much, and then the exceptional ones, like this one. I first found this great little gem when I first started my gluten free diet, it was kind of an accident. The previous business was a gluten-free vegetarian café restaurant. When I tried to look  at some of its reviews online I learned that the café was actually closed, and the place is now a sushi restaurant. I was a bit disappointed but then I looked closer, some of the comments indicated that the now sushi restaurant is gluten-free friendly with a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. I had to try it! And I fell in love with it immediately after my first visit.

The restaurant looks like a typical sushi joint, but the food is just exceptional and even better with the amazing prices. It gets better, complementary miso soup with gluten free option. There’s gluten free soy sauce, they have a designated gluten free sushi bar. The service is always great. Seriously, I love it!

I brought my mom here tonight and she’s never been. She’s also a vegetarian and was absolutely delighted. Although it takes about 45 minutes with no traffic to get there from where I live, it really is worth it!




Vege Sunomono{$2.95}


Eggplant Nigiri {!!!$0.50 each whaaaaaaat}


Garden Rainbow Roll{$6.95}, look at all the veggies! So good.


Mango Paradise Roll{$6.50}, this is my favourite! I highly recommend getting this one with black rice{+$0.50}. It tastes like paradise ;) I order this every time!

Sushi Gallery
3772 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC

Mon – Sat: 11am – 9pm
Sun – Closed
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