DIY Tree Branch Garden Plant Markers

I bought a bunch of wooden plant markers from Chapters last year for my garden. With the growing of more plants this year I need more of those markers. I was going to go buy more but then saw a whole bunch of trimmed down tree branches in the back yard and thought I’d give it a go and make my own. They turned out pretty well!

What you’ll need
tree branch
large exacto knife
gloves{or you’ll get blisters on your fingers like I did :(((}


This is the branch I chose, not too thin and not too thick, if it’s too thick you’ll have to spend more time on them.


Cut with a pruner into about 6″ long.


Use a large exacto knife, with gloves on, on one end carve off 3″ to get a flat surface. And sharpen the other end.


Dry them indoor by the heater or furnace. And voilà!



Use them in your garden!


Have fun making these!

Modern Hippie L


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